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  • Yes Scott. They will be on-going. Currently working on bringing them to Oahu also. 

  • Are they having more workshops at a later time?

    i can't make any of the workshops listed, as i am in the TAG play "Resistance"  we start performances July 11, and closing night is August 3rd.

  • Relativity School is providing training to Hawaii's Film Industry members for future projects. They are already doing workshops on Maui. Check them out. Don't miss the WAVE! #hawaiifilmindustry #HFI #relschool


    Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival is proud to present a special ACTORS and CASTING FORUM to professional actors and aspiring actors of all ages in honor of our 25th SILVER ANNIVERSARY! RSVP required. And as a kokua back we hope to see you at one or many of our official selection - film screenings!

    In attendance: Alec Mapa, Jack Turner, Katherine Brunk, Steven Tylor O'Connor, Ben Whalen and moderated by Katie Doyle!

    Go to our fest site for all the details:

    1) "LIKE" and share
    2) Support one of our our films in our fest line-up
    3) RSVP to reserve your seat

    Brent Anbe

    #‎HRFF25 - Festival Director
    Hawaii Casting Director

  • Hi Jackie!  I know what you mean.  I see those, too, but when I read this announcement it gave me that feeling of "hmmm" this doesn't seem legit.  Hope and Melisa are right to be cautious.  Hope to see you on the set soon!

  • Hi Beth, long time no see since that DOT video! ;)

    Actually, I'm an OCD-type of proofreader and believe me, even professional sites/announcements have typos (even the Rachel Sutton site has a few).

    And we've had some valid casting announcements posted on this Currently Casting site with typos, so I wouldn't use the no-typos rule as being true all the time......;/

    Anyway, just FYI. ;)


  • Melisa, I'm glad I wasn't the only one that received that message. I didn't meet with him because after his message to me I was a bit weirded out. The only number I had listed on my resume was my agent's, so thank God he didn't call me. We just have to be careful. I will definitely have my antenna up in the near future when I submit stuff from now on....
  • ^ ignore my typos :)
  • Hope, he said the same thing to me. After questioning the "agency" he told me it's fine if I don't want to meet up since he was booked solid anyway. My emails had my phone number so he called me which caught me off guard than began to text me. My current agent and I text often so it wasn't a big surprise he was text confirming our upcoming meeting, but then it was pretty clear that he wasn't a professional. All of the photos he provided in his portfolio were nude- when I clearly said I don't do anything like that. He wasn't pushy nor did he say anything inappropriate but it was definitely some sort of scam. If an agency works with Vogue, Elle, Maxim etc they would definitely be able to provide proof and have no problem doing so. If anyone actually did meet with him I would like to know how the interview went and what he wanted exactly.
  • Don't trust a casting notice with spelling errors.  Real professionals have editors or overseers that do not allow for grammar and spelling errors in professional casting notices. This applies to any kind of sales pitch.

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