August 2

(Contact Information) Agent, Talent Manager or Self Managed

self/ Hawaii Pacific University -school alumni and masters programs

Portrayable Ethnicities

white / local mixed latino/ Spanish / French / German / Ruso

Portrayable Age

late teens to mid 20's

Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color, Shirt/Blouse size, Pant Size, Shoe Size

I can act quite well but I prefer to be behind the camera and, or directing or writing script although I often would like to act a bit depends I often change my hair is naturally strawberry blond but I have darkened it before almost to a honey brown I often get tan from sun or a spray tan if I dont then i look like I am from Canada or Alaska ! I have bright electric blue eyes

Special Talent

play the violin 15+ years speak multiple other language and accents as well as provincial dialects Write and direct film / camera knowledge cinematography / free dive / English riding / martial arts training : Kendo, Tang Su Do / Jujitsu /taekwondo / surfing and swimming / repelling ice hockey and soccer / BMX

What area of Hawaii's Film Industry are you most interested in?

musician, voice actor, casting director, editor, lighting, sound, student films

Are you available to work in student films?


Let us know your location status

Oahu resident, Willing to travel at the productions expense, Able to travel to Mainland


Poke and Poi Motion Picture Co.

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